This is the Banner Archive.
A place for us to archive all the banners, so visitors can see
all the artwork, models and artists. Enjoy...

10/10/2005 Photographer: Jeff Davidson, Model: Blu, Main Banner

6/28/2005 Photographer: Jeff Davidson, Model: Heather Barrons, Main Banner

10/31/2004 Photographer: Gene Johnson, Model: Tanya, Main Banner Home Page

5/14/2004 Banner, Artist Nemme, Photographer: Nemme, Cuyamaca mtns after the firestorm of 2003

H. Zao's Banner Artist: H Zao.

Banner for Brian Masters AKA John Doe Generic (pictured) Model and Photographer

First new banner of the year. Pioneer Park in Hillcrest. Photographer: Nemme, Artist Darkman.

New Years 2004 Banner, Photographer: Nemme, Artist: Nemme.

This is the latest banner for GSD, its the christmas banner.

Brotherhood Page Banner

DasBunker Club Banner

Just anohter banner for GSD.

Another banner for GSD, The model is Nemme, taken at Griffin Manor

Anohter banner for GSD, Model is Danniellea, Taken in downtown SD, during a storefront remodel

Another banner for GSD, Model is Erica, taken at KKlub Therapy, in SD

Another banner for GSD, Model is Nemme, taken at Griffin Manor

Guestbook banner, the cube is a replica of the Lament Configuration, from the movie Hellraiser.

Gene Johnsons Banner, Local Photographer, Models (l-r) Geanna, Don and Gene

This is the winner of a banner contest, Artist: Jon, LJ Name: xrainbowboix..

This was the halloween banner, we carved our pumkins while watching the firestorm 2003 from our balcony.

Anohter GSD Banner, Model is my good friend Kimmie.

hehehehe...this is me, in Death Valley, July 4th, 2002, 115 degrees +, on the dunes at stovepipe wells.

This was the very first GSD Banner, Artist Josiefiend. Thanks Joey.

GSD Banner, Model Nemme, and my hand, taken by Gene Johnson, Balboa Park.

This is another of the first banners for GSD, Models Nemme and Kimmie at 1st and Laurel, Downtown, SD.

Club Sabbat Banner, many local "Creeps", including Mr Creep himself, me and Nemme

Skyline Banner

Another Skyline banner, Artist: Nemme

Nemme's Tata's, Model Nemme, Artist Nemme.

Another GSD Banner, Artist Nemme, she never finished it because I liked it the way it is now.

Klub Therapy Banner, more of the local Scene.

This is the Klub Thrust Banner, more local rivets in this picture....

This is the Club Sabbat Banner, Models Don(Mad House)and Kash KOna, Photographer: David(Amzer)

Club Xanth Banner

Another GSD Banner, Model Nemme, artist Nemme, Spur of the moment shoot in the living room